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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Nicolas Carreño visits CRE

Seminar_Nicolas_Carreño © CRE

Sustainability Evaluation of Road Construction Materials and Projects

The construction sector is responsible for about 35% of the total waste generation in the EU and more than a 10% of global GHG emissions. This fact has risen the pressure on the construction industry considerably, setting ambitious goals to reduce the environmental impact throughout all construction sectors. This includes road construction as well, where a high use of non-renewable resources and an energy-intensive process is required every time a road section is built and/or renewed. However, in the case of flexible pavements, there are many possibilities to reduce the environmental impact.  Dr. Nicolas Carreño visited CRE and shared his research on the concerned issue. He highlighted how innovative materials could be helpful in reducing the environmental impact of asphalt mixtures. The current challenges on sustainability evaluation of road materials and projects were also discussed.